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My Latest Thing: The Nicea Project

I haven't been this excited in quite a while. A few friends have decided to join me to exercise our theological brain cells and start a small study group. We're calling it The Nicea Project. Our aim is to read and discuss Fr. John Behr's Formation of Christian Theology series: The Way to Nicea and The Nicene Faith and let them work their very, very wonderfulness on us. These books are amazing, clarifying, and inspiring.

With great loving care, we are reading Scripture and the writings of the Church Fathers alongside the texts. We contacted Fr. John Behr to tell him about our journey and received his encouragement. He even provided us with some selected readings from Irenaeus and Origen to go along with our study. How cool is that, considering how busy he must be? Blessings upon blessings. We are indebted to you, Fr. John.

We decided to take our time, read carefully, meet once a month, and see where these treasures take us. The Nicea Project will surely pop up here on once in a while to report our progress.

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